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During her usual nightly patrol of the dream realm, Luna happens upon a filly whose nightmares concern her. Twilight and Celestia investigate the filly's whereabouts, only to discover the filly is homeless and has not attended school in some time. During the night, Luna hunts the filly down to bring her to a foster home where she'll be cared for until a family adopts her. Everything ends well.

So, why is Luna heartbroken?

Author's Note: I started writing this story in January 2018, before seasons 8 and 9. I know what happens in those seasons, but with 20+ chapters (and getting longer if I continue it), it's too much to go back and try to integrate those seasons into the story. The last full episode I watched was Fame and Misfortune from season 7, so if anything in this story contradicts the actual canon, it's not on purpose. This is why I marked it "alternate universe", despite I wanted it to be a future version of the canon. Oh, well.

This story was inspired by Welcome, Princess Light Breeze on fanfiction.net by Snoopy7c7. I'm also aware there's already a story where Luna has a foal, but I haven't read that, so any similarities are coincidental and nothing more.

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Celestia, princess of the glowing day and shining sun. Luna, princess of the serene night and brilliant moon. Today, they stand as the eldest monarchs of Equestria and are considered the picture of propriety and regality. But they weren't born that way. What were the royal sisters' lives before they took on their role as rulers? Before they were adults? Everypony has a childhood story, and near-immortals are no exception.

Author's Note: The Journal of the Two Sisters implies Celestia and Luna were alicorns during childhood, and raised by alicorns, so that's what are in my story. The show likens "alicorn" to be equivalent to "princess" (Why else would Flurry Heart, already a princess by virtue of being one's daughter, need to be an alicorn?), but the book has them earning the title of princess by vote, not birthright. Thus, for this fic, they are alicorns, but not princesses, nor is their family royalty. And yes, the book also confirms Canterlot existed before Equestria. I'm aware there is a comic that conflicts with the journal, but I began this story before I read that comic and, really, making them princesses won't add much of anything, so I'm not going to change it.

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Takes place shortly after "A Royal Problem" (S7 E10).

Luna and Celestia are grateful for Starlight's help in solving their friendship problem, but after reflecting for a while, Luna realizes she and Celestia need to talk about something else: why Starlight's help was needed at all.

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With Luna's return from the moon to Equestria, it should've been a happy night for Celestia to rest easy. But it's not. What's keeping her awake?

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It's been a few years since Princess Luna returned, yet Celestia has only just now realized a crucial error: Luna doesn't have a throne! How could she have overlooked her sister like that? Why didn't Luna ask?

Well, Celestia will fix that. When Luna's birthday draws near, Celestia decides it's time to finally give her little sister the gift she should've had waiting all along.

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Luna has never thought she really deserved her subjects' or her sister's forgiveness. Often, she questioned it, though she kept these thoughts to herself. When the pain of her past and her guilt continually eat away at her, she feels she deserves the pain, but she can only live with it for so long. Luna doesn't believe she should be in Equestria, let alone remain a princess. However, somepony else thinks very differently. If only Luna could see what she sees.

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