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President Dead

Long did I drink from her blasphemous womb. Now, it is raining.

Stolen & Contaminated Words

“I’m your Bozo Jesus, hung out to dry for the sins of mankind”

– Captain Spaulding, 3 from Hell (2019)

I Don't Know What These Are or Where They Came From

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Thanks, man, I appreciate your saying so! But H.V. is a much better writer than I am, and besides, my years in college unfortunately turned me into something of a control freak and, consequently, a lone wolf. Couldn't handle that shit. :twilightsheepish:

Dark Horror isn't my thing, but I hope others enjoy your stories, and that you enjoy writing them! (You should collab with Horse Voice!)

Fair enough -- we all have our own roads to walk, of course, and I'm glad you're not necessarily planning on stopping entirely. Thanks for the reply. I'll keep an eye.

Yeah, let's just say that as this year ends, so too must a number of things, and for good reason. I'll probs address it in a blog after I've published my next story. But it's not like I'll never return. I may write the odd story every once in a while. Just won't be as "consistent" (LOL, yeah, keep telling yourself that, P.D.) as over the course of this past year. Either way, it won't be any time soon; that much I know.

From someone who's just read Pascoite's blog and wandered over here (to find I, Fluttershy was already on his RiL list!) can I ask about that "second-last"? Leaving us so soon?

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