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Sometimes, I am half convinced that I do not really exist. Just wishful thinking, I suppose.

Das bin Ich

"Dreadful experiences raise the question whether or not he who experiences them is not something dreadful also."



And Now It's Over (A.K.A. Fare Thee Well Cos I'm Going Away) · 4:06pm Nov 29th, 2018

So, here we are at last. The end of the line. I know, I know, a clichéd way to begin the blog, but I'm honestly just too tired to write something original right now (EDIT: and for this shit).

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I Don't Know What These Are or Where They Came From

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Fair enough -- we all have our own roads to walk, of course, and I'm glad you're not necessarily planning on stopping entirely. Thanks for the reply. I'll keep an eye.

Yeah, let's just say that as this year ends, so too must a number of things, and for good reason. I'll probs address it in a blog after I've published my next story. But it's not like I'll never return. I may write the odd story every once in a while. Just won't be as "consistent" (LOL, yeah, keep telling yourself that, P.D.) as over the course of this past year. Either way, it won't be any time soon; that much I know.

From someone who's just read Pascoite's blog and wandered over here (to find I, Fluttershy was already on his RiL list!) can I ask about that "second-last"? Leaving us so soon?

My goodness, a follow AND a spotlight! I'm honoured, truly. And this is actually quite fitting, seeing as I shall be releasing my second-last story very soon (which I will, in fact, be throwing your way :raritywink:).

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