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President Dead

Heretic born of shrieking mud since 2000. Post-artistic being since 2020.

Stolen & Contaminated Words

“We had so many good memories together

And now there's the tragedy which took their place”

– Prurient, “Forever Hate”


I Made Some Music Roughly a Year Ago · 3:45am Jul 23rd, 2020

So, when MLP ended, I wanted to submit a song to Ponies at Dawn's musical monument, Eternal. Unfortunately, I fucked up and missed the cutoff. I was later informed that my track could always be featured in the next album, but as far as I was concerned, there was no longer any point.

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I Don't Know What These Are or Where They Came From

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I also share some of the song from my personal playlist every Wednesday.

Ooh, you'll have to do better than that. I'm an antinatalist, so I set a high bar, controversy-wise.

I do a series of reviews.

I try not to do anything without a solid, (at least vaguely) interesting reason.

That I could it provide you with something to expect?

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