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OMFG THIS IS FUKIN REAL. · 1:03pm Oct 23rd, 2018

Wait is this a glitch? Cause my story just got featured! haHA! See mom? I told you this was worth it! See invisible dad that went to get milk for 84 years? I told you I was worth it!

Really tho, this amazes me. Like, woah. Woahhh. Woahhhhh.


Thanks peeps for sticking around for this story, it means alot, it really does. Peace to all :)

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Thank you, fam. You were p nice to talk to btw haha.

2694151 I like your view on life. Easy going, forward-looking.

Personally, I don't like traveling. It feels like giving up. Admitting defeat. Running away from obligations and responsibilities. Abandoning instead of building up. I also don't like walks for the same reason.

I hope you find completeness one day.

If I had no aspiration, then I'll just give up then ig. Probs just lay in bed with some doggos. But then again knowing that I have friends that I might upset being a 'depresso mug' with no hopes and dreams basically gives me hope since ig some of em have issues that they would usually consult me with? I feel like I'm that one person who should be there for everyone, which is why I believe that my aspirations won't drop anytime soon.

Haha well, what I meant from travelling was to start a new life. To just run off from everything with maybe some of my friends starting a new life somewhere. I'll leave like a note saying that 'i'll be back soon' just in case someone comes to check on me and I bail halfway and come back home. To start a new life, to have a new path ahead, it's kinda dreamy like. Idk how to explain anymore. (this paragraph makes me sound more like some kid going through edge phase lol.)

Ig I like walking around too, as in another meaning for travelling to me. I like to point out the broken down places of town in my mind and be like 'ey imma be a good person one day and get monei to make this town a better place ÙwÚ'. Ig that's another way to boost my hopes up.

But honestly shit is lit so why bother giving up, I got Internet and a hell lotta chocolate cookie snacks, that's all the moral support I need to jump start my hopes up 👌👌👌👌

2693750 What if you ran out of aspirations? What would you do then?

What is it about travel that gives you hope?

Well, I would personally just focus on what I would want to accomplish in life. Like being a songwriter or author or artist or idk, shit like that. I had dreams to just travel and venture through places, really gives me hope for the future. But eh, too bad I'm too lazy to even reach for a water cup lmao.

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