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I drew this. cool. · 8:23am November 28th

i drew this and who ever can guess which chapter of my fic. (Nightmares And Dreams Come True) ill draw them an image for free.

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Thank you for following me! :pinkiesmile:

So if you would like me to be an editor of sorts, all you have to do is inform me of when you have a written (yet unpublished) chapter, and give me the code to view it, I will check its grammar for you. If you don't want that, that is fine, I will enjoy your stories nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

I assure you I've taken care of that.


Actually, I delete them because I don't want them!

I hate "My Best Friend's Wedding Gift" and I hate "Child of Hearth's Warming"

I only wrote those fics and others like it to prove I can make NORMAL MLP fics, but I still don't like them, and I DO NOT wish to be prasied or commented NICE on them. So... BING... Deleted.

He censors because he perceives it strengthen his points. If he contacts you and answers, just be satisfied and don't go further. This is simply a quick warning, you don't have to reply. Have an interesting day. :)

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