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  • 8 weeks
    Writers Block Over (maybe)

    As explained in my last blog entry, I hit a wall after writing an entire chapter that took the sisters' journey in the wrong direction. Since then, I have been stuck on how to reconcile this error; do I rewrite the entire chapter I was proud of, or compromise my greater vision of the story?

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  • 17 weeks
    TToTS Ch.22: When Disaster Strikes

    Oh boy. So, some time ago (sadly not dated because I didn't finish it) I decided to write Tirek/Scorpan's backstory, waiting for a point to insert it. I decided that Chapter 22 was a good a time as any, placing it as a filler while the sisters passed through the Lowlands Forest. Before continuing the (let's call it Tau) backstory, I wanted to keep the momentum of the real journey flowing, so I began writing Chapter 23. Returning to work on these chapters a bit later, I decided that the Tau

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  • 19 weeks
    Flight of the Valkyrie, Complete

    Well, not quite.

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  • 28 weeks
    FotV Ch.1 Updated

    In my pursuit of rewriting Chapter 1 of TToTS (having now finished the Prologue), I accidentally rewrote Chapter 1 of FotV, slightly recontextualising Star's landing and Twilight and Star's behaviour to be more in line with later chapters (the first chapter was three years old!). It's up to you whether you want to reread it; it's 800 words longer, but nothing really different happens. I may glance over the rest of FotV to ensure consistency, but I don't expect to make such dramatic changes to

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  • 33 weeks
    Realism is a Thing

    Okay, so I may have been overly optimistic about my "five chapters in three months" goal in the last post. It came from a place of honesty, based on the progress I had made in one day and my eagerness, but not accounting for the long down times between writing sessions. Rewriting the initial chapters of TToTS is a *HUGE* undertaking, with the Prologue already clocking in at 8,700 words--twice the original--with this being the... third rewrite attempt? So while that is more of a long-term goal

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