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I'm a brony stuck with a case of the pony bug some much, I did something I will forever regret. And it wasn't tell my friends. It was much worse. *sigh*

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Hi there. I'm a parasprite. I know you're like, Aaah! a parasprite! Kill it! We don't always go around eating. Actually the raid on Ponyville was so vicious because the parasprites go hungry. We never seem to have had a food source that was enough to feed our numbers. Actually, we're close to extinct. This is a collection of my adventures. As well as, my ultimate final adventure.

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A new alicorn comes to Equestria. He has a key from beyond Celestia's time. It has strange effects on certain ponies. For instance, when he put it on Berry Punch's head and turned it, she turned into an alicorn and started turning stuff into alcohol. Don't worry, Berry Punch will not be mentioned much so don't worry about alcholism references.

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It took me a while to remember a game my friends and I used to play. We took all our favorite games and rolled them into one. We basically got an outcome of undead, Mario, and pokemon. Now it's MLP's turn in the spotlight.

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