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To write or not to write? · 8:10am 11 hours ago

I'm gonna write the main stuff in big and bold writing, just in case you're too lazy to read this all. But I encourage you to read this all. Please. Okay, the title is a bit dramatic :rainbowdetermined2: I had THE BEST DAY EVER today!!! Your probably not intested in my personal life, but you're going to have to read this anyway!!!!!!!!! If you're interested that is.

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Same!! Glad to meet someone who loves SoarinDash just as much as I do!!! :heart::pinkiehappy:

Hay my friend I just saw the picture of Soarin and Rainbow Dash from the show called "Grannies gone Willed" and I must say that me and everyone of the people who are Soarindash fans, I am loving this alot, :heart::heart::heart: the shipping of Rainbow and Soarin are really growing huge now alright thanks to the episode. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I'm such a judge fan of Soarindash!!! :twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2:

Awww thanks so much!!:heart::heart:

Ahaha thank hasbro for the Soarindash fluff :rainbowlaugh:
I love your ptofile picture too! It's adorable! :heart:

You too!! Love your profile picture as well :raritystarry:

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