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Blacklight Brony

I’m a human with a love for all types of art either it be music or drawing. I’m kind but a little shy. Glad to meet you.

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Delay in chapters · 8:19pm August 5th

Hey guys, first off, I want to say that I appreciate all the help and likes you gave my stories as well as the helpful comments you made on my chapters and/stories to help me write better. Originally, this was supposed to help me in my ELA class, but I began to enjoy writing and making chapters that absolutely helped my imagination when it came to stuff for many other classes.

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Hai! Thanks for faving my story! OwO It really means a lot. 💕

Thanks for faving The Guardian :yay:

Thanks for the fav on my story:scootangel:! If you don't mind me asking, what did you like about it:ajsmug:?

welcome to the anthros of harmony forum!

It's part of the lavender heart collab and my story has the anthro applejack in it.

spots are open for I believe fluttershy, rainbow dash, and apple bloom, babs seed, and many more characters, canon and oc's welcome!

I liked that fic, alot!

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