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Twilight Sparkle lives a weird and interesting life, which occasionally includes getting turned into a baby by unlicensed zebra potions. The rest of her friends have had enough and leave Spike, Starlight, and Trixie to deal with this latest craziness. Oddly enough, of the three, it's Trixie who has the most foalsitting experience.

Is she going to measure up to Cadance, or will the Great and Powerful Trixie throw the baby out with the bathwater?

(This is intended to just be a little two chapter quickie. It mainly arose from a random comment I made on Derpibooru and my working through some Twilight/Trixie stuff in my other story.)

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Trixie saw it first, and then so did Twilight: Starlight has a problem, and it all leads back to her childhood. Something inside still haunts her and keeps her from truly fitting in. But when Trixie arrives one morning to mooch a free breakfast and propose a silly plan, Twilight never expected it to send her beloved student running from the room in tears.

The only way to deal with this will be for Starlight to confront her childhood fears, but this time, she'll have Trixie by her side. Still, all the planning and checklists in the world can't prepare Twilight for where this will lead them. In the end, all of their lives will be changed.

Please note that as of season 8, new additions to the canon have shunted this story into alternate universe territory.

Cover art by Little Tigress
Special thanks to the TheApexSovereign for prereading and valuable insight.
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