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An autistic brony who loves EQG, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, crossovers, and semi complexity. You can probably guess what sort of stories I do and read.

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Lucifer Morningstar, former Devil of Hell, and Wannabe Lord of Earth, finds himself at Death's void. When confronted with the option of a second chance, he jumps at it. But, it doesn't go as he expects. Now, trapped in a world of pastel ponies, he has a second chance. But, can he learn the magic of friendship? Or, will the Apocalypse find its way into Equestria?

FYI, takes place after Season 13 for Supernatural, for MLP post S7.

Ship, um, and don't roast me. LunaxLucifer. But, I'm obliged to change it.

Also, like if u like, dislike if u dislike.

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This story is a sequel to The Chronicles of Light 1: The ultimate crossover

All is peaceful at CHS. Jim lake jr. Claire Nunez, Tobey Domzalski from the Trollhunters series, along with the teenagers from team Prime have enrolled at CHS. They all wish for the same thing: answers to the source of the golden energy surge that made itself known at the friendship games rematch. The Doctor is the new teacher in history. They will have to battle threats no one expected, including,(but not limited to) Daleks, an EQG version of Vandal Savage: Savage Fury, and the human Tempest Shadow.

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It's been a month since the events of Mirror Magic. a new kid is at CHS, by the name of Marc Wayne Kurtzman. But, also a new enemy Nebulon the God of evil and with him, old rivals and a new hero; Nebulass. Nebulass and Marc seem more connected than the girls think. Nothing is as it seems so clear your mind and expect the unexpected, forget what you think you know. Oh on top of this is the Friendship Games Rematch. Heh heh, Good luck and have fun.

P.S the Alt.U tag is cause I. resurrected everyone that died in the Leap of Faith stories. When dealing with Gods I can do that. The Alt.U tag is because of a multidimensional merge. Also because of the battle of Gods.
MLP FIM wise this takes place 2 weeks after shadow play.

There might be some pop culture refs. Just look closely and you'll see them.

FYI, in one chapter, for a brief period of time, I go to, Trollhunters, and Transformers Prime/RiD as a bit of foreshadowing for my next story.

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