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I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some from ahead and some from behind.But I've bought a big bat, I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles will have troubles with me. - Dr. Seus

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Other Artistic stuff and a story from Uncle Minaren · 8:15am December 1st

So I did this as an experiment in reprofiling an item into something else. Object started as a letter opener. I will probably do something to re-contour the handle and make it more knife-like. Wanna see were this will take me. Will post more when I work more on it.

Tell me what you think Also the Shovel Savage used in this Story:

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Ha! Someone finally gets it!

Fire to Temper, water to cool. As the water reminds us, they only used fire to make us better.

Well you did write two of my favorite stories, Bone Daddy and Luna's Marehood. You show a good range in what stories you can tell. As for comments, rest assured I will be free with them. I invite you to do the same for my stories, for only by fire can we be tempered.

Thank you so much for the follow! I hope you enjoy Dead Tree and Bone Daddy or Luna's Marehood :)

Please do drop upvotes on the ones you like and downvotes on the ones you hate! I like honesty in the comments, it helps me be a better writer.
Chapter 25 of Fallout Equestria Dead Tree is out finally! And 26 is going to be finished sometime today, out tomorrow.

New Story, very short one but something I'm proud of, will be coming out right behind it.

Traveling Pony Museum is publishing that one for me too, in hard back.

Come bug me on discord :)


Not something you have to worry about from me. I am not shy about sharing my opinions. Also feel free to comment on any of mine. Fair is fair after all.

  • Viewing 58 - 62 of 62
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