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"Inspiration doesn't come when called, you need to hunt it down with a club," Jack London.

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Editing Challenge is done. · 12:13am May 13th

Yesterday I set myself a challenge. I was going to edit as many of my own stories as I could before my brain turned to Jello. I did this purely to take my mind off that it is mother's day and mine got drafted into the Angel Army some 7 years ago. This way, I could do something constructive while I moped through the weekend. A quick lesson to all that read this, pause and go hug your mother. Don't finish reading this, go do it NOW. You only have one. I can

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Hey no problem. I was looking through my profile the other day and I realized that, of those that followed me, I had followed less then half. That, honestly was not right. Especially since among my followers are many gifted writers and editors, who have done me the honor of giving me honest opinions in the past. So, in order to rectify that, I went and made sure to follow everyone. I value all those that have followed me, even if they have never written anything, as each of you have unique backgrounds and outlooks. I find this diversity beneficial and joyous. So as a thank you, I decided to follow all that gave me a watch. It is my way of thanking everyone that gives my stories a chance.

Thanks for the Watch, Minaren. I really appreciate it.

meh rather have her as horse wife

You’re Trixie, my friend, is already a thing. It is a thing in the hearts and minds of all of us. For deep inside do we not all have that internal Trixie?

well technically its the trixie from my profile pic....cause my little trixie needs to be a thing

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