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i never go offline cuz i never press log off lol


Some context · 2:54am Yesterday

So i'm gonna give some context here about the characters introduced so far in Over the moon and through the fire. WITHOUT giving away any spoilers to the plot.

that's me. I wont say much else. My name has been based off of the comic 'I eat pasta for Breakfast' and no that doesnt have anything to do with my character itself. i just really liked the name.

Blush Brush:
Blush brush is based off my real life grandmother.

Chocolate Glaze:

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OtMaTtF art

(i do not own any bases used)
cover image

About me!

Name: you'll never get my real name
Age: 20
Sign: ARIES!!!!!!!! IM A RAM
height: Im tini tiny 4'11
do i swear a lot: yes but i try to keep it at a minimum here.
Whos your hero: My dad
If you could live anywhere where would it be: Alaska
fears: Spiders....
what angers me most: so many things.... so many god damn things
what motivats me to work hard: it sounds kind of selfish but... the admeration and praise of others. it makes me feel really good and not in a cocky way. but makes me feel better about myself.
whats your fav book/ fic: Piercing the Heavens by calm wind and Willow a book by julia hobben
what makes me laugh: lots of things. im easily amused
2 pet peevs: uh. People who dont let you finish talking in a descution/ argument and People who chew with their mouth open.

MLP talks

whos your fav character?: Soarin
who is your favorite of the main 6: Rainbow dash (its always been and will never change ever since i was like 11 and started watching friendship is magic)
Whos your fav wonderbolt: ....Soarin
whos your fav character of the show?: .........Soarin
whos your fav princess: Cadence
whos your fav ship?: Soarindash
Second fave ship?: Fluttercord
fav episode: uh any with soarin in them....

.....yes i'm..... slightly obsessed with Soarin

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I extend a sincere thank you for the follow, it is much appreciated. :moustache:

Thanks for the follow!!!!!!

thank u for the follow :twilightsmile:

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