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We're all just ponyfolk here, so come in, kick off your horseshoes and stay a while! Or... you know... Don't. I dunno. I'm not in charge of your life. But I do hope you'll enjoy what I have to offer.


Here he goes again.... · 5:25am Jan 20th, 2014

Question... does anyone know where I can find an editor for any story? I need to make sure that if I produce any sort of anything written ever, it NEEDS to be quality. I haven't done anything for so long simply because I'm scared to give out constant low quality crap.
So if anyone could help, that'd be cool...

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I'll open up a new thread when I'm accepting new OC submissions.

I dearly hope so.

Well way earlier in the beginning days of the fic's group, I held a thread to accept OCs. Right now, i'm not accepting more but maybe I will later on.

'OMG Titanick wuz glorius'

I'll stop that, it physically hurt to type. :P

Hey, no prob. Question though... and I did just wake up, so pardon if it's been explained an I missed it... how does one go about getting an OC in this kind of story? Just curious...

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