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Starting Up A Contest Group! · 7:12am May 3rd, 2018

Why not?

I have a few bits,laying around every week.

So why not give back to an awesome community?

Plus with trying to re-invent myself, what better way to do so than to share some spotlight?

Check out the group if interested, Saucy's Bi-Weekly Contest Group.

Updates will continue as normal.

I have more than a few almost complete!

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I'm Off To See The Tyrant! · 5:04pm Apr 29th, 2018

Old Golden Glove himself!

King Midas of Marvel!

The Tyrant With The Golden Touch!

The Keeper Of The Family Jewels!


Ok I'll StopNow.:trollestia:


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Sneak Peek! Creature Feature. · 5:47am Apr 29th, 2018

I'm working on a few things at the moment, but the Creature Feature update I'm working on is turning out to be somewhat long. That said I'm going to give a cute sneak peek of the next chapter to you all, while I work on it and others.

If you guys would like to see Sneak Peeks of my work, as I write them and rework them etc. I would gladly do so, that way I just don't go dark for days at a time on you all.

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Pop Tarts...Om-Nom-Om. · 7:42am Apr 28th, 2018

I found a box of phantom Pop Tarts in my shelf, I'm eating them to wash away the nasty taste of Shoneys from early tonight.

Shone went down hill, I ordered a hot fudge cake milkshake and was given a normal shake. The bar biscuts were bricks, the chicken was ok I guess. The fish was meh and I kid you not, the cocktail sauce was like wanky...real wanky.

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The Future Is Like...Whatever.- Requests Open! · 9:24am Apr 27th, 2018

I have one last part just about complete in my Awoken Series, after that Phase one is done and I'm taking a break from it.

I have a horror story on my doc's , just laughing at me because I'm afraid to publish it. But it will show up...soon.

I also have a odd story idea floating in my head, might pop up sometime at random. But don't go keeping an eye out or anything.

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The Cuddle Configuration. · 9:43am Apr 26th, 2018

Would anyone be interested in a Dark/Comedy I have floating around in my head?

The Lament Configuration, is replaced by a puzzle box that can hold untold pleasures of cuddles, nuzzles and hugs! Haunting any mortal with the keeper of the puzzle Fluttergoth!

She Will Cuddle Your Soul Apart!

Sounds sooo weird, but if anyone is interested in a Hellraiser-esk parody just let me know.:trollestia:



Having Trouble. · 1:06am Apr 26th, 2018

I'm trying to get my other updates out, but my Google Docs Spell checker just up and quit on me.

I was writing and started to see that it wasn't picking up my mistakes anymore.

Few questions, would you know how to fix this?

If not perhaps any good spell checkers from third parties you know of?

I might have to use them, before I can post up anything.


I think I got it back to normal, hope it keeps going smooth.

I can at last update.:facehoof:

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Updates Be Like...Woke or Whatever. · 4:37am Apr 25th, 2018

I had some bits come in and was able to pay stuff, so now I can sleep better at night.

That said I'm updating again on my page!

Creature Feature, Awoken Series and a totes new idea.

All will be updated tomorrow!

I could do it now, but like it wouldn't be woke.

So whatever...I'll just like tease you instead.

Or whatever...I don't know.




The Truly Scary Thing Is...I Have No Idea What I'm Doing! · 8:46am Apr 9th, 2018

I've never written a horror story, but I'm planning on posting one soon.

No idea how it will turn out, I was going to post part one. But it might come off as too disturbing alone, so I'm adding two and three to it. Then I'll post this abomanation. Anyway grid your loins for this dumpster fire.

Coming soon to an alley near you! :unsuresweetie:


Now Part Of My Complete Breakfast! · 4:09am Apr 8th, 2018

Just so magical,I had to buy two!

This made my day!

The lucky charms had a word search on the back, here are some words to find.







Just to name a few, now read that and tell me you don't think of MLP.

Lol Kellogs are you trying to tell the world something?

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