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Saucyberry Serenade

A Flirtatious Mare Who Enjoys Headpats And Writing Saucy Horsewords.

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Back Is The New Black. · 7:17pm Aug 10th, 2020

After two years of the worst type of luck, I've finally been able to afford internet once more.

I also finally cracked what my password was to this place.

Even better, I finished the first half to...

The Awoken Series.

Now I can die happy, I actually finished a project.

Sort of.

Life has been a blur these last few years.

Hopefully things might finally look up?

I'll keep optimistic, but who knows?

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How ya been, friend? Been a while. :twilightsmile:

hey there, just stopping by to say that your oc is really cute

Of course, I'm always open. 💞


Would be nice.

Mind if I drop you a Pm?

Could use someone to just talk to.

On nights like this.

Hey, I'm always here if you ever need anything.

~Headpats some more~

A good friend of mine on this site nearly gave up and didn't wanna care anymore, but I stuck around when it seemed noponybody else would and now they're happy and it seems things are looking up for them.

Don't worry, you have me as a friend-a-doodle and I always care for others. You're a good mare. 😇💖

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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