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mostly an artist, but I read a lot of pony fics and will help editing and proofreading. also r like the gay.

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Hey! Thanks so much for the follow! That honestly means so much to me and I really hope you continue to enjoy what I put out there. I look super forward to seeing you around :twilightblush:

And I sincerely hope you enjoy those too! I'll keep up those pip and rumble soon! Thank you so much for the message though! That is fantastic.


Woah, didn't expect to get a response on me just favoriting one of your stories. Honestly, that whole story was one of the sweetest things i've read in long time. I'm currently reading through the rest of your Rumble and Pip stories and they have all been great! Keep up the good work.

Woah! Thanks for the fave! It means so much and I'm sincerely glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsheepish:

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