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MLP Month II is complete! · 12:42pm May 1st

All episode reviews have been uploaded on my Youtube channel along with fanfic readings. I hope you enjoy my videos, I will do this again next year.

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  • 1 week
    Sexy Rarity On The Beach

    You know you love her, you want her to know you, you want her to swim with you on the beach and most importantly, you want her to be your girlfriend for the rest of your life.

    9 comments · 52 views
  • 5 weeks
    Limited One Shots And Chapters

    Just to get this out of the way, I know for sure no one is going to write Heart’s Warming Peace for me. Because as of now the person who’s writing Twins At The Beach is taking forever. Here’s a new goal I’m going to do for myself. If I’m ever going to started a new story, I’m going to have my editor do 5 chapters or 5 one shots.

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    9 comments · 171 views
  • 6 weeks
    Final Fanfic Idea: Heart’s Warming Peace

    It takes place after the events when Star Tracker joins the School Of Friendship. This fanfic has 3 chapters.

    Chapter one will contain of Star Tracker struggle to find the perfect gift for Princess Twilight but Silverstream decides to help.

    Chapter two will involve Silverstream giving hints to Star Tracker to give Twilight the best gift.

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    4 comments · 86 views
  • 6 weeks
    Wingdingling blocked me again. I’m done with this crap.

    Guys, I wish I would never wanted to do this but after 4 months, I have to. Wingdingling’s girlfriend told him to block me because we aren’t making agreements. I was hoping to at least have him finish Princess Twilight Meets New Friends since it only has 3 more chapters but now at this point, I don’t feel like finishing that story. And I’m also not going to do Honorary Dreams since it was that story that caused all this.

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    17 comments · 168 views
  • 14 weeks
    Equestria Girls 2019 Movie Spoilers And Predictions



    After watching Rollercoaster Of Friendship, I decided to make two videos about the next Equestria Girls movie. Here’s the link where I found the photos.

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Thank you for following me.

Thanks for following me, though I don’t plan on making any stories. I just plan to comment and favorite stories I like.

Thanks for following me !!

Thanks for following me buddy :)

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