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Back From a Hiatus · 9:33am August 6th

Another huge break. Gaming PC and all y'know. Heh... I swear I'm not taking these year-long breaks on purpose, I just get caught up in my gaming and end up forgetting about the lewdness you're all waiting for!

Anyways. First off, a quick update for The Collars of Desire. I've started the next chapter! If you're curious, it will be focused on Rarity. Not sure how long I'll take with this one but hopefully it won't be another year!

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Apologies · 12:55pm Dec 2nd, 2018

I seriously feel the need to apologize to everyone. I've been so caught up in enjoying my gaming PC that I actually sort of forgot about my writing here.

I'm amazed to see people have still been favoriting and commenting on The Collars of Desire. It blows me away how many people have enjoyed it considering it's only the intro along with Pinkie's chapter. Especially considering I wrote those chapters a little shorter than what I would write now.

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Delays! · 1:31am Oct 21st, 2017

Hey, everyone. I'm a stupid horse.

Sorry to bring this bad news, but the second chapter for The Collars of Desire is going to be delayed. I actually planned to get it to an editor either today or tomorrow and hopefully have it uploaded before Sunday (I was planning to try and release one chapter each week and try to have each chapter uploaded by the time Sunday comes around) but something happened...

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Welcome! · 8:10pm Oct 9th, 2017

Hey everyone! Thought I'd make a little blog post since I just made this account recently. Figured I may as well introduce myself. I'm Sticky Keys! I'll be writing lewd stories, whether they be shameless clop or have actual story between the sexy stuff. I already have one story in mind that I'll be working on soon enough that I hope everyone will enjoy.

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