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Oh hey there is this thing that happened · 10:15pm Mar 30th, 2012

For Those We Left Behind was featured on the Pony Fiction Vault, which includes an interview with me where I pretend to be knowledgeable about stuff. If you're curious as to a little of the story's background, hit up the link.

Direct all unrelated hate mail to Cold in Gardez.


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Happy Pun Day! · 10:05pm Mar 4th, 2012

Really, I just wanted to get that obnoxiously long blog post off of my homepage, and this seemed like a good day for it.

So yeah, Happy Pun Day. Just remember: everyone loves puns. If they groan, it's only because they didn't think of it first.

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Lacuna - Post-mortem · 4:11am Feb 23rd, 2012

As I write this, the final chapter of Lacuna sits ready to be published, the email to EQD waits only to be sent, and then that will be it. I hope you'll forgive me for wanting to collect my thoughts a bit after I've written so many words already. Just a forewarning, but if spoilers bother you, you might want to hold off on reading this. Ready then? Let's go.

What a long, strange trip it's been, eh?

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Recommended Reading · 6:22pm Dec 28th, 2011

Derp. Guess I still can't delete blog posts, or at the very least, I can't figure out how to. So I'm just gonna revise this one to alter my list of things I've read that I enjoyed and feel are worth sharing. Definitely not up to MLA standards, but hey.

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (being finished by Brandon Sanderson)

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