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As Twilight re-shelves the books in the Books and Branches Library, her home for years, she comes comes across a strange notebook. A notebook with untold power, rivaling the powers of alicorn magic itself. The power within it could turn anypony into one of greed and power, corrupting the pony's mind with its power. In the wrong hooves it could rain chaos. If used in a just way, could aid thousands of ponies in need. But if used by Pinkie Pie, Celestia help us all. Twilight decides to keep it to herself, fearing what could happen if it fell into the wrong hooves.

But can she protect it from herself?

Shenanigans ensue.

Cover Art: The fabulous Landmine

A/N: I got this idea after buying Scribblenauts Unlimited today, and I couldn't resist doing it.

Will add tags as the story goes on.

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Kirby is an unknown phenomenon. His powers confused the inhabitants of Dreamland and foiled the plots of evil masterminds. Over all, he's a super tough, pink puff.

After a warp in Kirby's spaceship, he is rocketed into Equestria, where he must adapt to the strange land and find a way to fix his ship, but not before shenanigans ensue...

Cover Art:
Fimfiction: KlutzJellyfish
DeviantArt: http://daschnookle.deviantart.com/

A/N: As Kirby is an enigma, I will be placing it as either 3rd person Kirby, or 1st person for one of the main six. POVs will alternate.

P.S. I'm basing this off of the show "Kirby: Right Back at Ya'!" and "Hoshi No Kaabi"

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You can't control time, but when you're is given a deal that is just too good to be true, you discover that not everything goes without a catch...

Read as a teen is transported to Equestria in exchange for the ability to manipulate time, and his struggle to cope with the differences in his world to this one... but not without having some fun first.

Will add tags as I move along.

(First story, feel free to eat me.)

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