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Angry Russian Guy

Part-Russian, Part-Byelorussian, Part-Polish guy who happens to write a bit of fanfiction and is NOT A brony! I also know German and am a Star Wars fan.

★ Interesting facts about me ★

I hate: SJWs, Neo-Nazis, American AntiFa, misanthropists, Stalinists, Actual Nazis, Racists, Bronies (kinda), Anthro Fics, and the sick fuckers who write 'clopfics'

I like: Good 'ol soviet songs, fics where humans take over Equestria, humans, and other similar things.

Enemies: GreyOnBlue and other assorted misanthropists.

Nationality: 25% Polish 25% Byelorussian and 50% Russian

Ideology: I will not disclose

Religion: I am an agnostic but also an atheist at times.

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Well, then you're on your own. You refuse to believe SJWs exist even after being shown an SJW article which a non SJW ripped apart. I can't do anything more for you. Ciao.


Again, it's an SJW. Deal with it.

you mean a person analyze an article written by a sexist lunatic?


If that's your so called evidence, then I am afraid you are dead Wrong. And yes I capitalized it. Would you like to see a non-SJW rip apart an article written by an SJW?


  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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