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T-14 Armada

https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Т-14 Объект 148! (Note: I am not a brony)


Off for Summer · 1:32am June 13th

Hello viewers of my profile.

Today I would like to announce I am going to China for the summer, and as such, all future writing projects are delayed until further notice.

Thank you.

Crazy Russian Man Who Tries to Write Pone.

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★ Interesting facts about me ★

I hate: SJWs, Neo-Nazis, American AntiFa, misanthropists, Stalinists, Actual Nazis, Racists, Bronies (kinda), Anthro Fics, and horrible things known as 'clopfics'

I like: Old songs, humans, history, and other similar things.

Enemies: GreyOnBlue and other assorted misanthropists.

Nationality: 25% Polish 25% Byelorussian and 50% Russian

Ideology: I will not disclose

Religion: I am an agnostic but also an atheist at times.


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T14 is... Meh.

nice trollfics mate. :D


don't care much for the ponies, just for the good writing. That's why the vast majority of my favorites are tagged with "human"

Them darn ponies tend to have that effect.

eh. Read a fic here, seemed nice, read some more, etc etc etc

and now this

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List of priorities · 12:51am January 4th

1. Write story about the Enclave from Fallout 2 going to Equestria
2. Write half-life crossover story
3. Write an EQG fic about WWIII
4. Write a meme countryballs story
5. Figure out how to right the mane 6 and the princesses correctly and finish my first story

(note: current story on hiatus)

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