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Russian Bank Teller

The worst type of person alive, a bank teller. (and also not a brony)


with marshall tito · 6:33am August 20th

With great Marshall Tito, our land's bravest hero,
We'll be even stronger than Hell!
We raise our heads bravely, and not hung down gravely,
And clench our fists hard as well.

We're from an ancient tribe, but Goths we don't ascribe,
As we're children of ancient Slavs.
He who says otherwise merely slanders and lies,
And surely will face our wrath.

All fingers on our hands will fight to save our lands,
As the partisans are always spry.
When we die we don't cry to the sun or the sky,

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★ Interesting facts about me ★

I hate: SJWs, Neo-Nazis, American AntiFa, misanthropists, Stalinists, Actual Nazis, Racists, Bronies (kinda), Anthro Fics, and horrible things known as 'clopfics'

I like: Old songs, humans, history, and other similar things
Enemies: GreyOnBlue and other assorted misanthropists.

Nationality: 25% Polish 25% Byelorussian and 50% Russian

Residence: St. Petersburg, Russia

Ideology: I will not disclose

Religion: I am an agnostic but also an atheist at times.

Occupation: Worker in PSCB (Petersburg Social Commercial Bank)


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1. I am merely a coworker of hamsters' on this site.
2. In another group, the mod had a post saying that if you did stuff like that in groups like that, the mods' won't help you. Be nice, and maybe they'll consider it.

You know what i'll never figure out about people like you? If you don't like our community and yet, STILL stay here for whatever reason, god above only knows. I swear that i'll NEVER understand other human beings for as long as i'll live.

I've always imagined that if somebody never liked something, that they would stay as far away from said something as they possibly could. Because you guys like indulge yourselves in transparent dishonesty. Also because I think that you guys aren't worth the effort to report. (Yes i'm aware that you're with Hamster) You have been blocked! DO NOT attempt to bother me, it won't work and you have been added to the list of people to avoid too.

So uh.. yeah, congratulations!
Now you'll always be remembered by everyone who visits me for the monesters you really are and it'll give whoever that reads my blog about people like you some further incentive to avoid you guys at all costs. You're welcome.

Comment posted by SuperSonicGoldenKirinGod deleted August 6th

Hey, T-14 Armada/Transdniestria/Russian Bank Teller. I had a question.

How would you feel about me writing a shitpost crackfic (possibly Anti-TCB, not sure) story involving Omega-Hitler, Ultra-Stalin, Canada, UFOs, maybe something from SCP (I don't know), probably some Futurama, definitely the Reapers from Mass Effect, and nuclear warheads?

I'm bored.

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List of priorities · 12:51am January 4th

1. Write story about the Enclave from Fallout 2 going to Equestria
2. Write half-life crossover story
3. Write an EQG fic about WWIII
4. Write a meme countryballs story
5. Figure out how to right the mane 6 and the princesses correctly and finish my first story

(note: current story on hiatus)

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