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Just a guy that has ideas and likes to try and work with them.

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A famous musician was killed by a stalker that decided if she couldn't have him, no one would. He wakes up to find himself in a void with a strange man who gives him an offer. Play a game with the man and the musician can come back to life. Win the game and the musician can return to his universe and get his memories back. Let's hope the musician is good at hide and seek.

Proper cover image still needed.

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Joseph Swafford, a man in his mid twenties dealing with his job as a physical therapist while trying to write a book. He's a fan of pretty much every show and video game that you can think of, is a part time streamer, and is a weapon collector. One day his small manufactured home gets caught in an earthquake and one of his swords end up splitting him in half. He meets a being in the Void, the space between dimensions and universes that keeps people safe. With his memories lost due to the injuries sustained in his death, he is given an option to become one of two beings and after making his choice he is sent on his way to Equestria. What will happen when a Nephalem, a half angel, that happens to be half demon arrives in a land of magic when he is weak to magic? Let's find out!

This is for anyone that wants to do a crossover, displaced or otherwise. Jason can create portals to other universes of his own free will.

Any crossover that isn't with other displaced or other stories, because Jason can freely travel between universes on his own, is going to be the introduction of an item from the series. Example: Jason finding Agni and Rudra from Devil May Cry 3.

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