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Big ol' Texan. Might see southern pronouns in my stories :^). I'm everywhere yet nowhere.


Update + Future Projects & Other places to find me · 6:53am Jul 12th, 2019

With the Cheerilee story finally wrapped up with the most pathetic conclusion I probably ever threw out, I can finally not delay it continuously.

I almost considered cancelling the project because of my lack of commitment for it. Once I pretty much started brainstorming clop ideas for the final chapter, my commitment just went to zero and thus the 2 month delay. So yes, if you saw it seemed like it was rushed and that I wanted to just get it over with, you're exactly right.

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To Cheer A Teacher Update · 8:11am Jul 6th, 2019

Apologies for the delay, expect the final chapter to the story very soon where I attempt to write clop.

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Yeah, I'm still alive · 4:50am Apr 30th, 2019

So first off I'll go ahead and state that Cheerilee won the poll and her story is currently slowly in the works. But why the delay? Simple.

The past month, life has been throwing a few punches at me here and there involving college, work, mental health etc. But that's just half of what's been going on.

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