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Old goat man Living in woods. Obsessed with pairing cartoon ponies. Mostly StarTrix, Tempestlight & Fluttorcord. Also good with Sunny&SciTwi

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EQG TV Series Thoughts. · 12:13am 21 hours ago

The EQG Youtube series got its first trailer and it was....ok I guess. I'm always up for more Sunset and magical girl style antics. But Scitwi x Timber is still creepy. He's like in college and she's like 16...seriously...wtf!?

That said hope we see more of the Dazzlings since season 1 is 45 episodes.

Also MLP Movie is up to  $27,430,083 world wide! Should be up to 30 mill by Sunday. It'll break even, yay!

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Seems the only theater near me that is showing the MLP movie drops it on Thursday. And i've heard other peoples theatres are too. Kind of PO'd by this. Its like the industry wants the film to fail. :pinkiesad2:

I'll still try to see it at least one more time before its dropped. But stinks its leaving some theatres so soon. Hope the DVD/BD sells well next year. And also once it opens in more countries that it gets an extra boost. Lionsgate really fudged up the distribution on this one!:trixieshiftleft:

Seriously shout did better with the first 2 EQG movies and those were limited/special events.

Heck maybe Hasbro should just let them work on Distribution for future Allspark films.

StormLuna #8 · Sunday · · ·


It took me a while after i did the first chapter to get motivated again but once I got motivated, especially with the latter part of the story, the ideas flowed for me in a way they hadn't in quite some time....besides, Moondancer and Twilight are such a cute couple.

@StormLuna: Thank you for an awesome story. I look forward to reading through it when I get the chance. :twilightsmile:

StormLuna #6 · Sunday · · ·

Thanks for the fave on "Building A Different Fence"

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