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Greetings Everypony I have returned from Eorzia


And the winner is... · 1:24pm Oct 23rd, 2017

Diplomatic visit by Cadence's Equestrian government in exile by 11 votes.

Thanks to all of you who voted, hope this was fun for everyone.

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Greetings Fim I have returned

I am back from my long trip in Eorzia and after some debate decided to return because I want to take another crack at writing stories. Whether or not this will actually happen I cannot say, but I intend to try at least.

As for my new appearance I stopped being a pony some time ago and took on the form of a race known as the Lalafell's their a small humanoid race that average 3 feet in height and inhabit a far off land called Eorzia. I've spent a couple years amongst these Eorzians and learned their customs during which I was proclaimed the warrior of light or some such (Not that it matters much since millions of others bare the title as well. Makes me wonder why they bother using it).

Anyway hope to catch up with everyone here.

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Right and you do that by going around and accusing/shaming others whose opinions are different then yours. Yep thats exactly what an SJW would do or any leftest for that matter. Therefore you are indeed an SJW, a bigoted fascist leftest.

You know what the problem with that way of thinking is. Assuming your always right, and believing everyone else is either with you or against you? Its that you treat others like less then human beings. Everyone is in a little cubby hole, like you've done with me. You know nothing about me, nothing about my past and nothing about what I may or may not truly believe and yet you come on here and assume I hate a group of people based on nothing more then that I associate myself with Chatty (Who you probably no little about either).


Implying I'm an sjw just because I see trans people as human beings.

Edit: SJWs and Anti-SJWs are both cancerous degenerates. Prove me wrong.

Ah the old SJW trick I see, assume someone supports something because they like something else. Well why do you support racism towards whites? See I can do that too. :trollestia:

Why do you support the abuse and suicide of transgendered people?

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