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Sigurd Fiore was an ordinary young boy living a happy life in the pre-collapse United States. That is before the terrible accident where a car hit him while he was riding his bike. Since then Sigurd has been in and out of a coma brought on by his injuries with no hope of recovery.

50 years later Sigurd finally awakes from his coma to find the world a very different place and himself in a body which is not his own.

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It has been four years since Equestria Online was first released, and it is now the most widely-sold video game ever to exist. Millions of people worldwide log on every day to interact with each other under the constant watch of the beautiful Celestia-AI. But as a faction of humanity spreads allegations over what they believe is a secret plan to enslave humanity in the games digital realm, a young man known simply as The Loner resolves to put a stop to Celestia-AI once and for all.

I thank my Dear Castortroy for all the help she has given me in writing this story both for what she has done and what she will do to help make this story a good one.

I have decided to make this a stand alone one shot story since I have decided to start over with an entirely new one one that will realize the potential this one lacked. from now on this should be considered a practice fic.

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This is my attempt to create a new story arch based partially in the Conversion Bureau Universe. This is a short one shot story.
The Conversion Bureaus have been successful. The ponies were victorious. The entirety of the human race had been successfully ponified... or so it seemed. The truth of the matter however is that humanity was not extinguished. A splinter group of humanity known as the Radical Dreamers had spirited the remnants of humanity away into the vastness of space. Now they make their way on a group of world ships to the distant world of Aeos and to what hopefully is the rebirth of their species. During which the Radical Dreamers intend to forever change humanity for the better.

I hope to eventually create a large story arch based on this story which will begin a thousand years after the events of this story when Humanity and the Equines will once again meet. These Equines will be from another reality and not the one's from the conversion bureau universe. So consider this my parthenian shot to the conversion bureau universe. I have ultimately decided that despite the excellent stories from users such as Chatoyance and Full Metal Pony I do not like the premise behind the universe and I find the very idea absolutely appalling and it makes both humanity and the equines look bad.

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(Canceled tell further notice)
This story follows the journey of my two OC characters Tristem and Cao within the Conversion Bureau universe (specifically Chatoyance's version of that universe) as they try to come to grips with the inevitable extiction of there species and there world.
Uncertain as to weather it is better to go through the conversion and live as ponies or die as humans Tristem and Cao decide that the only one who can help them with there indecision is Princess Celestia. So they decide to write to her asking if she will answer their question and help resolve their conundrum.
Will they convert, Will they die as humans or will something unforescene happen read on to find out.

Edit: From the second chapter on I am no longer writing Celestia's responses to Tristem and Cao. Credit for that goes to the mysterious Lady C. I will not tell you guys yet who Lady C is it will be revealed to you all at the proper time. Until then I'll let you guys guess who it is. Who know though you never tell it just might be Princess Celestia herself.
Image: Princess Celestia's Coat of Arms was created by deviant art user Lord Giampietro I didn't create it.

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