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  • E Rarity's Familiar
    [2nd Person] Based of the anime, Zero no Tsukaima. Anon, transported to Equestia via magic, has found himself in the servitude of a unicorn.
    ConnVolpe · 2k words  ·  27  9 · 1k views
  • E Negative Cohesion
    [2nd Person YouXOctavia] More often than not, Vinyl's music would be enough to prevent sleep. And in the absence of sleep, what better way than to talk to somepony with just the same problem as you.
    ConnVolpe · 2.2k words  ·  57  0 · 1.5k views
  • E Life of a Bat Pony
    Sunshine Smiles is not an ordinary pony, and because of that, his life is not an easy one. Will life afford him a single break or will it only try to pull him under?
      ConnVolpe · 10k words  ·  10  3 · 371 views
    • E Little Luna and the Cookie Conundrum
      [2nd Person] The Last Oreo. Topped with the crumbs of its fallen brethren, it truly is the best one of the pack. The problem stems from the fact that everyone wants it.
      ConnVolpe · 1k words  ·  22  1 · 618 views
    • T The Princess' Speech
      [2nd person] Standing next to the Princess doesn't work out like you thought it would.
      ConnVolpe · 2.7k words  ·  21  1 · 941 views

    Goodbye for now... + New Account · 3:32pm May 23rd, 2014

    Hey Guys,
    So first things first...
    I'm pretty much not going to be doing anything related to Ponies for a long time.
    Call it a whim, but I've hit a severe block with ponies, and it just doesn't have the same effect it used to.

    However, I'll be on Archive of Our Own, writing things for anime/visual novels (eventually).

    Read More

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    • Freudian Slip Is it wise to let your emotions cloud your psychiatric judgement? by TheGentlemanCreeper 26,090 words · 8,910 views · 470 likes · 15 dislikes
    • Purple Haze A night at the Harvest Moon Music Festival with a certain purple unicorn goes horribly wrong by TheGentlemanCreeper 47,026 words · 13,014 views · 360 likes · 16 dislikes
    • Tugging at Her Heartstrings You are a human in Equestria that lives with your best friend, Lyra. But what happens when you begin to develop more romantic feelings for the musical mare? Will you face rejection and ridicule? Or does Lyra have some secret feelings of her own? by neutralmilk 13,114 words · 14,727 views · 1,125 likes · 51 dislikes
    • Little Lyra and You A miniature Lyra helps you forget the day's worries. by Smexy Sombra 1,349 words · 6,979 views · 453 likes · 17 dislikes
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    Comment posted by ConnVolpe deleted Jun 20th, 2014

    Thank ya kindly. :ajsmug:

    I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

    Thanks for the fave.
    Im currently loving your mare in the mirror story

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