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Review of Mendacity · 9:59am Mar 15th, 2013

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Thank you very much for the Fave of Every Little Bit! I'm glad that you could enjoy my peek at the world of Dash and Spike!:moustache::rainbowkiss:

Author Interviewer

Alternately, you can just ask for my take on any (complete) story you want. :B If it matters to you.


Heh, that is a cool number indeed. Thanks for the review offer, I might just take you up on it provided I manage to finish a story sometime in the next few years :)

Looking forward to reading through your backlog of reviews, and then seeing your new ones :)

Author Interviewer

Hello, watcher #333! :D I like numbers, so I was going to offer you a story review, but I'm not sure if that would be of any use to you, since you seem to do the same. :B

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Thank you for faving Old Friends!

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