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King Sombra has arrived to conquer Equestria, and a battle has come to determine the fates of the ponies within. Princess Luna makes the choice to summon the Stormriders, and they will fight until their duty is done. Will it be enough to keep Sombra's forces at bay? Or will even the most powerful force known to the Equestrians succumb to defeat at the hands of the tyrant?

This is a direct sequel to the Stormriders story written with permission by Penalt.

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Upon falling asleep, Fluttershy finds herself in the land of dreams. from there she learns the power of imagination, both good and bad.

photo by fuyusfox on deviantart.

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Alone in her room, Princess Luna gazes out at the night sky, remembering someone dear she lost.

One shot.
If anyone knows the source to this image, please let me know and I'll credit them.

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