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I'm just your basic comic book, anime, cartoon, and book fanatic with a lot of unique and creative ideas. I'm always free to chat and would love to make friends and exchange ideas. PS: I'm Muslim

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If that wretched Raphael hadn't thrown that cursed ninja star at his teleportation device, then he would still be on Earth. But now he is in this strange and unsavory world known as Equestria. Now, the Newtralizer must adapt to Equestria's customs and citizens while attempting to return to his rightful dimension. His time here would be most interesting, that's for sure.

This is a crossover with the TMNT franchise, mainly the 2012 series. Don't worry, spoilers from the show will be sprinkled throughout the story and each chapter will have a warning on top if it will contain a spoiler for the show or not and I will create barriers to make sure that you know where the spoiler begins and ends.

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Today is the day that everything will be changed in the long run. It may have been a simple choice, but that simple choice became the opening to the difficult road that is the outside world. Today is the day I got the first succulent sweet taste of the outside world, today is the day I meet the kindest soul in the world, today is the day I changed my Mom's closed minded view on the world, and today is the day that will be the first day in the road of making friends and enemies.

This fic will contain characters from the movie, so it's highly recommended to watch the movie to understand this fic and its characters, also this story is inspired by these forums here My Little Pony: the Movie Characters in Equestria Girls

made by this user EquestrianTwist In which I am a very active contribution to the conversation that is still going on, so check up on it every so often as we may continue to come up with banging ideas. Also, this is my first romance, so be easy on me.

Extra character tags will include; Pharynx and Thorax, the Diamond Dogs, Tempest Shadow, and many other movie characters.

Also, I will be using different names for the Mane 6 and other characters, and the credit goes completely to this amazingly awesome woman's blog over here.If the EQG Characters Are in a Real World, Their Names Will be Changed

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Rock Hard.

I have never came across something like this pony. This pony who knows nothing about her past or her parents, she claims she doesn't remember anything, we only know her name and age through speculations and through one of my soldiers. But my gut tells me that this mare is dangerous. Just hope nothing bad happens.

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It's through broken pieces and shattered parts that we are able to fashion stability and humility within ourselves and understand each other and help each other through our pain.

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Ryuga thought that his death at the hands of Nemesis and giving his Star Fragment to Kenta so him and his friends can save the world from destruction was going to be the end. But it was not, in fact he seemed to have been transported into the world of Equastria without his bey L-drago, but with L-drago's power inside of him. In a second life, Ryuga decides to do what he does best, travel the world finding strong opponents to defeat. And unfortunately make friends with a egotistical magician.

This is a crossover between Beyblade Metal Fight saga and My Little Pony, the characters will be anthropomorphic and takes place after the events of Beyblade Metal Fury and will contain massive spoilers for the end, so I highly recommend watching it to understand this fic.

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I just got a job from the Wonderbolts as a carrier, basically I just carry any luggage they can't carry for whatever bullshit reason, nothing much. But I've been given these strange tapes from some anonymous pony called, Mr. A, and they for whatever have recordings of my family from my Mom to even my Dad. I don't know what's going on with my family, but I know that something's wrong and I'm going to get to the bottom of this, no matter what.

The cover art is done by me.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there was an Evil Empire showing no mercy to anypony who broke their highly strict laws even slightly. Now one of their wanted got away, and payed an opportunist to join a rebellion.

DISCLAIMER: This story has references and spoilers to the main series Star Wars movies. So if you have not seen the movies or played/seen complete retellings of their stories, I reccomend you go do that first to avoid spoilers or references that aren't gotten. Thank you, kindly

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