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Let my righteous Light burn away the sin from your heart, and my malevolent Darkness fill it with the corruption of a Demon. Now, come child, devote yourself to your God.

About Me

My name is Aza.

My favorite Pony, by far, is Twilight, although I am also a large fan of Pinkie.

I got into the show right after the Season 2 premiered, I had read a couple of fanfics, checked it out, and I loved it.

I HATE Starlight Glimmer. Her redemption was utterly stupid. She was willing to let Equestria get fucked for petty revenge, and the fact that they want to make her out to be as powerful as Twilight is daft. Twilight is a prodigious Unicorn, even more so than Starswirl, trained by Celestia, is an Alicorn who's special talent is literally magic itself, and is THE ELEMENT OF GODDAMN MAGIC. Starlight, by all rights and logical reasoning, would get utterly destroyed. She's a garbage character who gets way more screen time then she deserves. I'd rather watch Coco Pommel. I mean, for gods sake, the reason she became evil is BECAUSE her friend was fucking better at magic than she was! Coming from someone who critiques stories and movies, this pissed me off, not because "URRRRR BEST PONY URRRR" but because it's just bad writing.

I have seen 4 episodes of Season 7 as of 09/04/2017

Alicorn Twilight is fine. I enjoy it immensely, in fact. It didn't change much, as much as people make it out. The fact that Twilight stayed humble and nice even when she could just make ponies get down on their knees("Down, you commoners! Bring me your finest wenches!") is a testament to her character.

More to come, ask anything you'd like.

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Twilight is best pony.

I like you, welcome :twilightsmile:

Story Approver

Thanks. You mind if I steal the categories of your about page, lol?

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