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Sequel to Indomitable

Zen, human-turned-Lucario, has lived among the residents of Equestria for nearly two years. He has fought many battles and has uncovered many mysteries alongside Yui. Now, Princess Celestia shares with them and two others a most unsettling discovery.

Off the coast of Equestria, a great source of tremors threatens to tear the continent apart. To save Equestria from its impending chaos, Zen, Yui, Topaz, and the human hunter, Ren, set sail to face this threat for the fate of Equestria.

One question remains; Who will prevail, Monster or Hunter?

A/N: There is no tag on for 'Pokemon' as it isn't the central focus, just know that the main character is a Lucario but that is all the ties to Pokemon he has. Enjoy!

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FrostNova died on Terra, however, Yelena lived on. Left in a new world, unable to rest, Yelena finds a strange tundra with an even stranger populace in peril from the ice and snow. Wanting to do what's right with her power, she will wipe this storm away, freezing the darkness herself.

To abolish her sins, she will be FrostNova once more.

Second Arknights/MLP crossover, Enjoy!

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Sequel to Indomitable (At this point it's a series)

A pony with a peculiar ability of her own travels Equestria far and wide, she finds this strange world exciting yet terrifyingly huge. However, her thoughts are put on hold as a nearby town by the seaside is set ablaze by a monster said to be a ruler of the skies. She may lack a title herself, but she is more than willing to set her own example.

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Sequel to Indomitable

Topaz has seen her fair share of mythical and otherworldly beings, so when she's tasked with tracking down a mysterious case of deforestation near Hollow Shades, she may find she bit off more than she could chew. Good thing she's not the only one searching for the cause of the ecosystem's sudden shift.

A/N: I may have done a battle on his subspecies but I will always love Glavenus's base form. So! Here's another short adventure dedicated to the Cutting Wyvern himself! Enjoy!

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"You all know the story by now, so let's take it from the top." That was how the story of another human lost in the magical lands of Equestria began their tale. To say the welcoming wasn't what they expected would be an understatement. This was fine with them, why should they have to bend a knee to a race of self-centered, discriminating ponies?

This doesn't mean they won't try to keep the mistakes that followed them from ripping apart the world, even if some of them don't deserve it. Stuck in the body of the Sarkaz Mercenary, W, this human won't just take the insults lying down, even if that puts the capital on her back.

Arknights/MLP crossover
Note: 'Sex' tag for references to subject and body. Also, Tags will be added over time.

First Arknights story featured, thanks so much!! =^_^=
List - (This is getting a little longer than I expected...)
Featured 02/03/21, 04/03/21, 10/03/21, 23/03/21, 30/03/21, 06/04/21, 13/04/21, 18/04/21, 20/04/21, 27/04/21, 04/05/21, 07/05/21, 11/05/21, 25/05/21, 01/06/21, 08/06/21, 15/06/21, 22/06/21, 29/06/21, 06/07/21, 13/07/21, 20/07/21, 27/07/21 10/08/21, 11/08/21!

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Sequel to Indomitable

With Winter around the corner, the ponies of Ponyville are suddenly struck by a freak blizzard from seemingly nowhere, most considered it an accident on the Weather Team's part, for Zen, it was far more than just some chilling storm.

A/N: Another small piece beside Ice Crushing Wyvern that I couldn't resist writing, happy holidays! ^_^

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My Little Pony Realization is now open to Beta testers, a full installation of the TV series as an MMORPG, designed for players to fully integrate themselves into the magical world of Equestria. There is no objective but your own. Fight. Level. Survive.

However, the exclusive experience is cut short on the last day as the world begins to break at the seams, caging the thousands of players inside of Equestria where there are no second chances once your life is null. Is this a glitch or is someone pulling the strings? The only way out is to fight and conquer the Four Vaults, but with hundreds of ways to die, is that even possible? For one scarlet player, she'll refuse to die until she sees the end of this game.

A remake of MLP: Actualization Online.

Warning: 'Strong Language', and references to 'Sex'.

Featured 29/01/21! Thank You So Much~!

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Sequel to Indomitable

Akira was out on a quest, a self-entitled quest, to defeat a monster that has been terrorizing a small village just on the border with the Frozen North. She's a capable hunter, for a Bat-Pony, but the monster she must face will put her skills to the test.

A story set in the future of Indomitable, I wonder who 'Akira' is, hmm... =^_^=

P.S. This is another monster I was surprised never got added to Iceborne, considering its cousin was already in the base game, aw well.

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Prequel to Indomitable

A lone Hunter and her companion stood in the smoldering walls of a fortress, a wasteland of death and destruction overtaking the once lush and vibrant land now bathed in crimson skies. A monster revived to revel in devoured flesh and crushed bone, to make blood run dry. For its fire to burn through metal and blacken the lands, boiling their rivers. Fate has awakened.

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Nineteen-year-old Zen is a guy who is perfectly content with his life, despite his tendencies to be a little eccentric. However, thanks to some otherworldly intruder he's pulled to a world brimming with magic. Equestria, now as the Fighting-Steel Lucario.

Now, liberated from the mundanities of his life, Zen embarks on a fresh journey with a distinct goal in mind. As he grows accustomed to his new physique, his journey will ripple throughout the world, gradually altering his fate, but in the end, will he find a way back or will that change?

But what's with the gemstone?

A/N: 'Sex' tag due to references and jokes of the subject. The character becomes a Pokemon and has the abilities of one but that is as far as the 'Pokemon' side of things goes.

Featured 01/05/20! Thank you all so, so much!!

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