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I’ve been here since, make my own artwork (edited from the show), LOVE collabs, editing, writing, and AU’s, my alter ego is Star Shine, and I am of the Unicorn Guild,neither brony nor pegasister.

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This story is a sequel to A Sleepy Conversation

Diamond Tiara wasn't like most schoolfillies. Her favorite part of the day wasn't recess. It wasn't passing notes back and forth between friends. It wasn't even picking on other ponies (though admittedly, it had been at one point.) Her favorite part of the day was when she could go home and work on her homework in the solace of her room. Of course, on today of all days, Mrs. Cheerliee had to go and ruin that. Diamond Tiara is now forced to team up with a certain white unicorn for her next homework assignment. On top of that, their homework is to talk to other ponies about their jobs!

And just why does the topic of cutiemarks always have to come up?

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This story is a sequel to A Sleepy Conversation

The day has finally arrived! The Elements of Harmony are at this year's Grand Galloping Gala. While the night's still young, everypony seems to get just what they've always wanted. However, as the night progresses, things start to get interesting. Twilight Swish keeps running into Princess Luna, of all ponies. Rainbow Zap somehow gets mistaken as one of the Wonderbolts. Apple Jet ends up selling apples upon apples at her sister's cart. Fleur de Lis seems to be getting a lot of attention...from the animals! Rarity is pretty sure the prince is hitting on her. And Pinkamenia Dawn Pie is chatting up all of the most prominent party ponies. It's truly a dream come true...

...for the wrong ponies.

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This story is a sequel to Ticket to Gallop

When Twilight Swish and Fleur de Shy get stuck out in the rain together, they have to hide out at Dawn's place. Unfortunately, Dawn just found Gummy's 'rainy day' stash of ice cream...

Sleepovers don't usually include sleep, do they?

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This story is a sequel to Nightmares and Harmony

"But the ticket's for Gummy!"

When Dawn receives two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala, it seems like a dream come true! Gummy is obviously going to come with, but when Apple Jet hears about them she gets a little too excited. As does Twilight. And Fleur. And Rarity. And just about everypony else in Ponyville!

What will a pony do for a ticket? Apparently anything, even your taxes.

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Harmony, Queen of Equestria and wife of Discord, has had enough with being considered the lesser of the two monarchs. After trying, and failing to make a name for herself, she transforms into Ultimate Unison. The Inventor of Cutiemarks.

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Episode 1: Mare in the Moon

When the extreme party pony accidentally comes across the legend of Nightmare Moon, she is tasked with overseeing the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration--and the making of new friends. Taking offense to their ways of friendship, Dawn strives to speed up the overseeing to get in a nap before the return of Nightmare Moon.

Episode 2: Elements of Harmony

Dawn is on a mission to save Equestria from eternal night, but as she heads to the library to find more information, she is joined by the five mares she came across the previous day. Stuck with traveling with the completely different mares, Dawn realizes that everypony has their own strengths, and that those are what count in a pony.

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