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I’ve been here since, make my own artwork (edited from the show), LOVE collabs, editing, writing, and AU’s, my alter ego is Star Shine, and I am of the Unicorn Guild,neither brony nor pegasister.


Musing for a Muse · 12:32am Jun 14th, 2019

I reeaaalllyyy need some inspiration. Usually I watch a new episode or go roleplay, but alas! I've seen all the episodes to date (and maybe accidentally some that air in the future...ooops), and I can't find any good place to roleplay. Does anyone know a good place to mlp roleplay?


Songs of Color · 11:03pm Dec 10th, 2018

So, I'm working on the next installment of the Pinkiverse, and there's a musical number in the second chapter. I'm wondering if anybody knows the best way to format this. I was originally going to format it in the typical book style:

Fleur led the first verse, after rolling her eyes at the purple pegasus. It was probably to get back at her, as Twilight had seemed ready to sing first.

"At the Gala,
All the royals
They will meet fair Fleur de Shy

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Pinkiverse: Side Stories? · 7:40pm Oct 14th, 2017

For those of you who read or follow my story, would you be interested in a question-answer story? I'm talking about how you ask a question about the universe, and I answer it with a story, a one-shot (unless it's really extensive). What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts. (Even if you're not one who normally comments).


It's My Birthday · 2:19pm Sep 25th, 2017


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New Story Idea---Would you read it? · 1:06am Sep 20th, 2017


In many alternative universes, it was a messed up spell by Twilight, Celestia, or whoever holds the element of magic. This time, however, that's not the case. A fairly cannon Twilight has just gone through the mind games of Discord, and has, like most of her counterparts, come out on top. There was something that set this universe apart, however, as Discord had some final last words:

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Some things about me: · 1:41am Aug 27th, 2017

So I have been on Fimfiction since 2013 or so, but I just recently decided to get an account. So if you're wondering how I suddenly found so many authors and stories, that's how.

A big announcement I want to make is that any artwork you see on my page or in my book is, unless otherwise noted, originally a snapshot of the show itself that I edited.

I don't know how to create a bio, and am too tired to figure it out tonight.

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