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I'm a Hoodie Gaf. My stories are bad, so don't read em.


Every project is on Hiatus except for One. · 6:06pm Jun 24th, 2019

Every Project will be on Hiatus except for one story I'm going to make.

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Story Announcement + Story update. · 2:43am May 18th, 2019

Hey guys! I just wanted to address what's going on with The Equestrian Paradox and the future for my page. So The Equestrian Paradox will be finished when I am starting the new story, don't worry there are 3 chapters left. I know it seems short, but I will make sure that the last chapters are good and lengthy. I will maybe add a "Bonus Chapter" sorta-thing, I am not 100% on that for right now. But, that is the future for The Equestrian Paradox.

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