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Im Mostly Irish

An Irish Blooded American Who Just Wants To Write Some Stories

I love this GIF

This gif can go with any song, its awesome.
This gif is probably why sunset shimmer is one of my favorites


Where I'm Gonna Be In A Few Days · 9:27pm November 3rd

Lets just say,

Outlaws To The End!
So I'm not gonna get back to writing just yet, (what else is new?) because im gonna finish this bad boy to the fullest. And maybe a little Dragon age Inquestion but honestly, F@$# that fantasy Bulls@$#! I'm gonna be a gunslinger outlaw dammit!
So see ya in a while.

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Well, you're the editor of my best story and i was just like "Screw it" because why not.

Thanks fo the Watch, my friend.

What made you decide to do so, by any chance?

Your Velcome, I'm pleased of a human in equestria story where it doesn't begin with some dumb recreation nonsense and has story on both sides

  • Viewing 71 - 75 of 75
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