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Even In Dark Times, We Cannot Relinquish The Things That Makes Us Human.

If You Cant Tell..

Im bit of a Metro Fan :trollestia:

I love this GIF

This gif can go with any song, its awesome.
This gif is probably why sunset shimmer is one of my favorites


Im Taking A Break · 11:53pm April 20th

Hello fellow weirdos. I just want you guys to know that im gonna take a break from mlp. Its not because of the fandom though they didnt help but its because I think the show in general its not good for me. At least for now. So im go quiet for a long while. Will I return? Who knows. Thanks for the follows and experinces.

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ะะตั‚, though I currently learn that language; one can find guides & tutorials to it online:

I understand. Russian audio with English subtitles appeals to me.

Nope, the English audiobook. But when I play the games I set the language to russian

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