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The world of the Stone is a terrible one but its the reality to them. Creatures that live in darkness. Things like beauty, purpose, and happiness are lies. The Stone are not meant for anything. Those that somehow believe different had been lead astray by a stream in their world of rock. They follow it and are never seen again. The Remaning Stone had all but perished except for one who will decide whether to rot or to see if theres more.

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Deciding that life needs a change of pace, frog expert/Inventor Taddison Hopper moves to Ponyville for a new life with his intelligent pet frog, Theodore. Things are looking up for the pair, until Theodore falls in love. The problem however is...it's not with another frog. It’s with the neighborhood's apple farmer, Applejack. Things can only get crazier from here, with transformation experiments, Apple eating pests, and frog hunters. All in the name of love.
(Edited by A Man Undercover)

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In the year 2026, The Crystal Empire rose up to wage war on not only Equestria, but also on America from Earth. After two devastating attacks, America sends its soldiers to aid Equestria against the warring empire. In the middle of the conflict, one soldier is given a choice between morality and retribution.

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After finishing a delivery for Big Mac to the town of no name, Applejack tries to get her head straight after meeting Sugar Belle who bares a familiarity with her mother. On the road back home, she encounters some unsavory characters but soon, a sheepherder comes to her aid. Both with her bullies and her troubled thoughts

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