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Button Mash, a young gamer, isn't who you think he is. Being the innocent colt, he has fooled many ponies that he is something more important than just another resident in Ponyville. The majority of ponies think he's just an ordinary gamer. Only a few several ponies know who he really is.

(Cover Art is not owned by me)
As always, enjoy reading!

1st book in the 'Pony Per Book' series. For more information, send a private message.

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Paul Sevens, a gaming enthusiast and game designer, loses his family, friends, occupation, money and belongings. How? He somehow became sucked into a portal which lead him into an odd world full of colourful ponies, that’s how. Now he has to cope with various things: a new job, home, new acquaintances, dangers, and hobbies. Let’s see how this story unfolds, shall we?

This story was inspired by Max Beezy’s ‘My New Life in Equestria’ trilogy.

Cover Art does not belong to me. I found it on the internet.

Tagged Adventure because it's technically an adventure for Paul
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Tagged Narcotics for drinking
Tagged Comedy for obvious reasons. Unless you don't find them funny... Eh, I don't mind.

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