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Things here often are made with ideas in mind. Sometimes the ideas write themselves. Often they write themselves while we sleep.

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After ripping a large hole in the fabric of reality and wiping out half of the Royal Guard, Starlight Glimmer is sent off alone in the prison ship Equestrian One for 65 months. Alone with nothing but a crew of service/security bots, a Friendship Counseling bot named S.T.R. (who is honestly just a waste of space), and the ships A.I called V.I.C.

During her sentence, she comes across an alien lifeform who seems to be a great face hugger! Wow! But everything soon hits the preverbal fan when a group of bounty hunters working for the (totally evil) Goddess show up demanding she hand over the lifeform!

Will she survive? Who knows, but one thing is for sure.

Things are about to get crazy.

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Twilight Sparkle has been known to make up random friendship lessons on the spot for Starlight Glimmer. Unlucky for Starlight, when reports of a new creature was spotted setting up shop in Ponyville, Twilight just couldn't resist and sent Starlight to greet this new creature as impromptu friendship lesson.

Can Starlight handle meeting this newcomer, or will she forever be destined to fail?

On a side note, why can't anypony open the doors of Twilight's castle?

Chapters (3)
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