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Nice to meet everyone, amateur writer who hopes to make some great stories. Comments are appreciated!

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-This is a one-shot chapter/preview of an upcoming story series I'm currently working on-

Six months have passed since the battle of Canterlot, Equestria’s capital. During the battle, a young former royal guard named, Damien Runner was ambushed and nearly killed. It was only through the sudden intervention of a mysterious super-powered being known as "Great Marvel" was he saved. Embittered, Humiliated and his pride wounded, Damien looks to redeem himself, and to him, the only way to do so is to challenge Celestia, the ruler of Canterlot, to a duel. Although at first against the idea, Celestia eventually accepts, on the condition that Damien’s cousin, Applejack, faces Celestia’s younger sister, Luna in combat. Damien agrees to the terms while Applejack grudgingly accepts.
Full story now HERE
Comments are appreciated!

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This story is a crossover between my original Story and Characters, G.O. Force: Defenders of the Weird (which I've been working on for about 8-9 years) and Equestria Girls.
It goes like this:
Mihana runner is sent on a mission by her grandfather Owen runner. As it turns out Owen as learned from his son Damien "Red Rouge" Runner that his older brother Leonardo, has an illegitimate daughter as a result of an affair. Owen sends mihana and her boyfriend Jessie "Crazy Bullet" Overlance to track down Leonardo's daughter, her name, Twilight Sparkle. While Mihana meets her newfound cousin, it's learned that someone is using a special revolver pistol to create orb enhanced beings. G.O. Force much now not only this mysterious stranger but also help twilight find her place in the runner family⁠⁠⁠⁠

Dark or Ultra Dark formatting recommended.

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