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So... · 9:28am Sep 20th, 2018

Put up the first chapter of 'Time and Space' up yesterday.
Genuinely surprised it got as much notice as it has. Which is, admittedly, not much compared to most stories on this website, but is far more than what I had expected.

I'm not massively sure how to react... or feel about it.
I'll end this with telling you, that I am, to an extent, dumbfounded.

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Writers Block · 7:08pm Jul 13th, 2018

Writers block is truly a cruel mistress.

You can have such an incredible idea, and think of so many things that could happen. You start writing with enthusiasm, but then you realise you're unsure on how to put across the idea.
As someone who doesn't really write but really wants to, this is immensely infuriating. I feel like what is obviously up, suddenly becomes down.
You feel you could write and write, but then only write a page.

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Random thoughs · 8:46pm Jun 20th, 2018

What would an adult version of mlp be like?
What if in equestria girls sunset hadn't reformed?
What if Pinkie is a gypsy like that song by The Living Tombstone said, and gummy is actually her brother she turned into a crocodile?
What if Maud switched personalities with boulder?
What if discord was actually good ruler? How would ponies have reacted to his being dethroned by the sisters?
What if there were more alicorn siblings? What if Cadence is a decended of one?

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Need tips on time travel · 8:59pm Oct 31st, 2017

I've been thinking of writing a fic involving time travel, which isn't a definite yet (because don't want to over complicate my first attempt at a fic). Anyone got any tips on writing such a story? Any advice would be gladly welcomed, even if it has nothing to do with such a fic.

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