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Chronicles of a Lone Guardsman update
I gotta say, I really appreciate the feedback and discussion this second chapter sparked. It even helped with the next chapter I'm working on. To answer the big question so far in the comments, 'What unit is this the guardsmanwith?', I don't actually know myself. Here's why: I don't know that much about Warhammer 40k, so how much could the ponies possibly know? They've never seen humans or their tools of war, they've never even heard their language before. The ponies are complete outsiders to the Imperium, so what's it like to be on the outside looking in? I aim to explore that perspective through fan fiction. Stick around to find out what happens next!

There is another on the way. Still need to polish it up before it hits shelves, though.

Are there going to be anymore chapters?

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to apologize if I made a spectacle of myself responding to our Russian friend. I hope I wasn't a nuisance, as I really DO love your Courage fic and want to see what happens next :twilightsmile:

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