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Goin' Out With An Heavy Metal Gamer Now! :rainbowkiss: :heart: *Somewhat grounded.*

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Meh Addiction! :pinkiegasp: · 7:15pm July 17th

Been totes addicted to this game for like a few months 'Disney Battle Mode', recently got all my characters except for one, to basically maxed out status lol.

All I do is exchange diamonds for coins and buff up my characters...and I love it! :rainbowkiss:

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I’m sorry, but is it fine to understand what’s happening here? Are you okay, Adorkable? Wait, that was a silly question and I don’t know what’s going on so maybe it’s not even my right to ask.

Ah, I see. The thing is though, I don't have any way of talk to Adorkable. I love her to death as my own sister but sadly we can only talk on here and she hasn't been on or has responded to me in months.

She and her mom just had a small disagreement, is all. Ask her about it.
She's sugary sweet. She'd let us know if she was leaving.

Oh thank goodness. Thank you.

She’s not growing out of it, don’t worry.
At least, I don’t think she is.

  • Viewing 237 - 241 of 241
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