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wow what a night! · 7:36am Mar 22nd, 2019

hi all got part three into my wingman line after submitted part 4 (oops!) if there is any problems let me know as I wrote them awhile back and am working on making them into a harcover sort of book etc ...

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hi all! got in part 4 of the 1st series, and am debating other stories which are just versions of how things get started between Fluttershy and a human, along with what happens once they meet in equestrian and in "reality"...maybe... the 5th part on this storyline in still in "writers block limbo" lol

hieee! ! next "chapter" in my 1st series is set to be approved(wish me luck, with hooves crossed lol...

hi all i'm approved! (yay!) now I have part s 3 and 4 ready to go, but part 5 I have writers block on, and offline my cable might be cut off from my being able to watch the MLP episodes so if that happens I may spend awhile sulking lol then other stories will be looked over and checked, but some are short and a few are odd, and at least one is a long one, and unless approved as is, where the main character pony falls for her human rescuer and I do mean falls I'll have to make a new 'cleaned up" copy

no...I got my 1st story in and now am looking over a 2nd sequel to it, and if the content is ok to publish or needs work... other wirse flle free to read "Fluttershy's Wingman"

(Psst, you can make a blog for that.)

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