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Sequel to "The G-Word" · 1:42am Jul 31st, 2018

Howdy guys and gals!

So I'm currently working on a sequel to "The G-Word" as the title up there says. Tentatively entitled, "From Fate to Family," it's about the relationships between the members of the Equestrian royal family and how they grow from strangers, or, in Luna's case, pony Satan, to what I imagine is a pretty tight family of (mostly) immortals. Predominantly slice-of-life with some adventure, comedy, drama, and all that good stuff thrown in from time to time.

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Six Years Ago Today · 8:27pm May 1st, 2018

So I just glanced at my profile, and apparently I joined this site six years ago today. May 1st, May Day.

¡Viva la Revolución, Amantes del pony!

Down with the oppressors!

So that's a fun fact.

Anywho, I doubt anyone will actually read this, but if you do I'd like to know something. I've got a few story ideas rattling around in my head besides Twi-Light, so would you prefer:

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Update on Updates IV: A New Update · 6:02am Jan 13th, 2016

Soooooooooooooooo, remember me?

No? Well I'll give you a little reminder: I'm the guy that wrote that random story about Lyra and the other story about a couple of unicorn foals that get chosen by Celestia to go to CSGU. And also that one about the biographer. Plus there are three stories I've actually put onto this site but decided not to publish at the last moment. But who's counting?

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Update on Updates III: Revenge of the Muse · 12:22am Oct 16th, 2015

So the last couple years I've been thinking up wild new story ideas every day, which, as I understand it, is an important part of the whole "writing" thing.

But just recently I made a tremendous discovery! Writing itself is integral to "writing" who'd thunk it?

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Updates On Updates II: Electric Procrastination (Blog #2) · 9:58pm Aug 10th, 2015

Hello everpony!

I really doubt any of you remember me or my stories, and you guys probably don't even know you're following me, but, if through some magic of your memory you do remember me, I have good news!

I'm back!

After logging into my account for the first time in what FimFiction told me was some 92 weeks, I decided that number was far far far far FAR too large for my tastes. Obviously I would come to this conclusion a week before school resumed, but such is life.

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Update on Updates. Blog #1 · 2:12am Sep 4th, 2013

Hello my loyal followers.

All ten of you.

Big news! Updates should be tomorrow! What updates, I hear you ask? Musings, and two new stories. That's right I said two, because I'm doing so good with updating what I have.

Anyway, one of the new ones is a Slice of Life with moderate comedy elements, and Her Royal Sparkleness. Twilight is asked to take on a protege and hilarity ensues, and heartwarming moments too, I hope.

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