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Dreadful Snow Storm

I'm an angry Australian girl :^)

I roleplay!


Hello there, fellow visitor!
I am Jeshh, or the so called Dreadful Snow Storm.
I'm not much of a writer but I do so enjoy a bit of reading from time to time.
I've been a MLP fan ever since generation 1 and
have always adored my colourful little ponies.
If you have any further questions, don't be afraid to
send me a message or leave a comment below.
Have a wonderful day!

~Enter my OC~

"G'day! The name's Snow Storm. If you're listenin', I suppose I better tell ya somethin' about me. I'm not gonna pussy hoof around the subject so I'm just gonna shoot you the short story. I'm immortal.

Well, kinda.

I was born with an entity attached to me, which happens to be a Windigo. Because our plains of existence are intertwined, my death is prolonged as long as he -Ahote- the Windigo is alive. So.. I've been around for a long, long time. Ever since the end of Discord's reign over Equestria.

Problem is, every time I am close to death for instance; a freak accident or worse, I forget my previous time before almost completely. So, I've been trying to piece my life back together. To find out what I've done over the course of one thousand years."

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That would be a lot better. It wasn't my place to say anything but yeah I completely agree with those changes.

I'd make it so she doesn't kill her dad lol.

Also the wendigo is not inside her. Just attached to her through ethereal and astral plane.

It gives you a good foundation but how would you revise it?

It's pretty bad. I kind of want to rewrite it because it's fairly old and out of date.

Here's her short biography.

During the depression era after the rein of Discord had ended, Snow Storm was born with her mother’s family curse. She grew up with her father and strange yet wonderful family of gypsy wanderers who travelled Equestria and foreign lands aimlessly other than to spread laughter and entertainment for the poor. For a few years, life was great for the young pegasus, however, life took a turn for the worst when she discovered a dark, hidden power within her that grew stronger the more discourse broke out amongst her family and friends.

To her discovery, the dark family curse was a wendigo buried deep inside her consciousness since birth who had grown to become apart of her. The wendigo one day took control of her when she was most vulnerable and attacked her father while he was trying to console her.

Blinded by rage, the possessed mare went on a rampage till eventually her anger had calmed. After realising what had happened, she ran away and isolated herself from all prying eyes. Driven to such grief, the mare tried to end her life countlessly but she discovered that the wendigo inside her was still active enough to stop her and erase her memory of ever wanting to harm herself.

For years the mare’s memory grew terrible and eventually she stopped feeling pity for herself. She then began to wander around Equestria, getting herself into problems and situations that made her discover that she was not ageing. She then came to the conclusion that the wendigo had the power to preserve her body in the exact state it first possessed her, at the age of nineteen. Snow Storm knew that she could not die unless the wendigo inside her would let her. And he wouldn’t. Immortal meant forever.

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