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Hi, I'm an 18 year old American brony/batman fan with Aspergers


It is the month of December in Gotham City, Scootaloo has been Robin for two years now. She and Batman are on a mission to capture Two-Face, but they both get separated. When outnumbered by thugs, Scoots jumps into a car driving by, only to find the Joker as he drives off with her. Now the poor girl is forced to witness the clown prince of crime massacre innocents, all just because he thinks it's 'fun'.

Based the one shot Batman comic: Slayride.
In that comic, Tim Drake is the one who gets kidnapped by Joker; but I thought what it would be like if Scootaloo was in that situation.

Warning: possible swearing and disturbing moments. Reader discretion is advised.

Takes place in Gotham City Heroes universe. Contains no spoilers for it.

Some of the dialogue comes from the comic, but with a little bit of my own touch to it.

Chapters (1)

Scootaloo was an orphan filly whose always wanted to be a hero and save others. One day, her life changes as she gets sucked into the DC universe and ends up in Gotham City. She gets rescued by the Bat-Family as Batman volunteers to take care of her. Scootaloo sees this as her chance to become a hero and honor her parents' memory and maybe even have a father figure. (Takes place in between seasons 4 and 5 and inspired by the father and daughter like relationship Bats and Scoots shared in 'A Dark Knight For Equestria'.) Batman: property of DC comics. My Little Pony: property of Hasbro. Environment of Gotham City is heavily influenced from the Arkham games. It's a mix of the 60's and modern day.

Chapters (16)

The darkness that took control of Stygian was banished to another dimension, little does anypony know that's what it wanted. It summons Twilight and her friends to that world to drain her alicorn magic and combine it with the dark side of the force to be contained in a crystal known as the cosmic crystal. They get captured by a group of bipedal creatures and get saved by another group of bipedal creatures, one of them being hairy, and they meet two robots. Will the Ponies and Dragon return to Equis? Or will they stay be stuck in this galaxy while it has a civil war going on.

Note: Takes place one year before 'The Empire Strikes Back'.
Star Wars belongs to Disney and Lucasfilm
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Spoilers for season 7 finale

Chapters (7)

Scootaloo has been Robin for a while now. She's faced criminals like The Joker, The Riddler, and Mr. Freeze for sometime now. But even on holidays there are still villains trying to wreak havoc on Gotham.

A series of oneshots of Scootaloo fighting rogues on holidays.

Chapters (2)

Damian Wayne has been a Brony for two years, he's afraid of how Bruce Wayne, his father, and the rest of his family would react to the news. One day he, his father, Tim and Dick get teleported to equestria thanks to a spell that Twilight did wrong. Now Damian is having the time of his life while also keeping it a secret from his family, afraid of their judgment.

Chapters (3)

Scootaloo has been Robin for a while now. She's seen things that you don't see everyday, but she's never seen two private detectives like Adam West and Burt Ward. They team up with her and Batman to solve a case that, for once, they would need help with.

Chapters (2)

Batman tries to stop a group of criminals who stole a dimensional transporter. The machine ends up bringing a talking Pegasus filly who Batman takes responsibility for, not only will Scootaloo become Batman's new ward, but also his partner in his war against crime.

Inspired by Batman and Scootaloo's father and daughter like relationship in A Dark Knight For Equestria.

Batman belongs to DC and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro. Rated T for swearing and possible gore. New official version Right here

Chapters (29)

Luke is a boy who is unloved by his parents. One day he ends up in equestria and gets found by Luna who takes him in. Will Luke get the family love he always wanted?
Inspired by apoeticheart's dream come true.

Chapters (4)
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