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I'm just a Polish guy trying to get some followers on an American website. Mostly Anthro's, mature or teen, mainly crossovers, any questions? Look at my avatar, more questions? Look at my nickname


The Finish. · 10:22pm Dec 11th, 2018

I’m done with writing. Nothing valuable to write down is in my head. Everything is trash compared to other stories, I am a bad writer. Perhaps, if I tried doing it in my native language, which is Polish. Maybe the story would be in fact way better, more detailed, less chaotic, with sense and passion.

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Thanks for the reassurance that it wasn't deleted. I'll be glad to see what changes you've made to the already good story.


Too tired to explain, read the last blog entry.

They're not deleted, just hid them away. I am not going to resumbit them.

dude the fuck!?

why did you delete all of your stories

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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