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I'm useless · 7:11pm May 23rd

I can't do anything right. I've ruined every friendship I've ever had. I'm annoying as hell. All I do is drive everyone apart. Everyone at school hates me. My own BROTHER hates me. Throughout my entire life, there have only been 7 people irl who paid me any sort of attention and didn't hate me on sight. As for the people who don't absolutely hate me... I just try my best to make them happy so that they don't worry about someone as useless as me. I am a very disruptive and greedy person, and all

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Jealous of him? What do you mean?

I just noticed the date you joined. I was on some kind of break when you joined. And i only got back recently. So... you're new to me XD

It seems you're not allowed to get jealous of him...

It could be a group. I don't know.

Nono. That you two aren't really friends anymore. He didn't really go into detail.
And I'm sure I've seen you before. Maybe in a group?

What did he say? That I betrayed his trust?
Also, I don't know.

Yeah. He told me a bit about it.
But that won't stop me! I know it sounds cliché but I feel like I know you from somewhere

  • Viewing 77 - 81 of 81
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